All June drawing fundraiser underway!

Two of the best people I know, Sara and Ann Reed of the Community Quilt Project and Pootie Pads™ have donated to my campaign this quilt they created for Netroots Nation 2013 which was held at San Jose, California. The quilt has about 200 Signatures of attendees of that event and a notebook which tells who signed and where on the quilt to find them:

We will be holding a Drawing on Independence Day, July 4th, 2016 to determine the winner of the quilt. Winner will be announced here and on various social media sites. The winner will be contacted via mailing address provided (unless you want to include an email address or better yet, telephone number to contact you at in the Extra/Notes box on the donation page).

To enter the drawing:

You can make a cash donation or submit a written statement for each entry, up to five entries per person each day of the 30 days (June 1 to June 30, 2016) of the Drawing Fundraiser.

Each donation must be $10 or more. The more is your discretion, up to the total amount allowed by law which is $2,700 for the primary and also for the general election period, for a total of $5,400 in the entire 2016 election cycle.

Each submission of writing must be a single page, double spaced essay on "Why cats are cute". Each written submission must be mailed to the campaign mailing address found on the front page, bottom of the campaign website 

BE SURE to include a second page with your contact information so that you can be notified if you win!

Angie4Congress WA-03

8002 NE Hwy 99, PMB #636

Vancouver, WA 98665

Because of the generosity of spirit Sara and Ann have shown to me and my campaign, the proceeds of the Drawing Fundraiser will be distributed as follows:

The first $3,500 donated goes to the campaign, all funds in excess of that $3,500 will be split, 1/3 going to the Community Quilt Project and 2/3rd to the campaign.

Please donate early AND often!

The quilt comes with a notebook noting the location and name of each person who signed the quilt at Netroots Nation in San Jose, California in 2013.

This is a wonderful piece of hand-crafted art, linked to the progressive issues which Netroots Nation attendees discuss and support each year somewhere in America. This summer they will be at St Louis, Missouri from July 14 - 17th.

  • Each donation or written submission constitutes a single entry.
  • Each person may enter up to FIVE (5) times each day.
  • Entries must be either all donation or all written submission for any single day. So you might make a cash donation one day and submit a written entry on another day, but only one type of entry on any single day.

To make a donation and create a single entry in the Drawing CLICK HERE -- Quilt for Angie Fundraiser and contribute a minimum of $10. You must complete the process for each entry you want to make each day, up to the maximum of FIVE ENTRIES PER PERSON, PER DAY.

This reminder will be on each post this month to show our progress:

Goal Thermometer


Thank you for your support!

-- Angie

Endorsed by Blue America!

I'm happy to announce that Blue America has included me in an ActBlue Joint Fundraiser with these other fine Endorsers for the campaign of Bernie Sanders of Vermont for the Office of President of the United States.

Included with me, in the linked Fundraiser: 
Bernie Sanders for President
Raul Grijalva (AZ-03) 
Keith Ellision (MN-05)
Alex Law (NJ-01)
Tom Guild (OK-05)
Robbie Wilson (AR--05)

To contribute to this Act Blue fundraiser DONATE HERE